1. No ‘griefing’, harassment or toxic behaviour of any kind in the server chat or on Discord. 
  2. No engaging in PvP without both parties’ consent.
  3. Do not share the server password to anyone who has not registered their character
  4. No cheating or using mods of any kind that give you an advantage, enhance or alter any aspect of the game experience for you or for anyone else. This includes importing materials/items that were (clearly) spawned using dev commands in a single player server.
  5. Don’t exploit the server; no joining for the sole purpose of exporting materials & items you find to another server. For anyone thinking of doing this, the world seed is zZDaLKkVwe – you can make your own private server and do that.
  6. 6. Don’t steal materials, items, or destroy any builds belonging to another player. This is seriously not cool and will get you instantly banned.

A vanilla experience with elements of role-play

Players are welcome to play however they want and can choose to engage in the theme, play with others, or go it solo for the raw Valheim experience. It’s up to you.

The general narrative–if you choose to engage–is one of a Holy Mission, where players become members of the Church of the Holy Sardini, and are tasked with exploring new lands and building monuments that aim to spread the Holy One’s aquatic influence.

PvP is optional only

To maintain a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for new players, the rule of thumb is PvE, exploration and community-building.

PvP (as it may be done elsewhere) is not a part of the server experience at this time. Players are encouraged to keep PvP mode turned off except when both parties are consenting.